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Insight of the Day: Beer advertising still unappealing to women

Beer advertising in the UK is failing to appeal to women, despite moving away from overtly masculine themes. While sexism and overt masculinity have been largely removed from beer advertising, women still perceive the campaigns as irrelevant and targeted towards men.

Key Findings:

  • Irrelevant Advertising: Women struggle to recall current beer adverts, suggesting they do not resonate or appeal to them.

  • Historical Bias: Women often recall older, more overtly masculine campaigns when asked about beer advertising.

  • Authenticity Gap: Women are increasingly cynical of advertising campaigns that portray beer as diverse and inclusive, as this often does not match their real-life experiences.

  • Fear of Alienating Men: Brand owners may be reluctant to position beer as gender-neutral, fearing it could alienate their core male consumers.

Implications for the Industry:

  • Missed Opportunity: The beer industry is overlooking a significant market segment by failing to engage women.

  • Rethinking Marketing Strategies: Brands need to develop more inclusive and relevant advertising campaigns that resonate with women.

  • Focus on Authenticity: Brands should strive for authenticity in their advertising, avoiding overly contrived attempts to appear diverse.

  • Addressing the Gender Pint Gap: Efforts should be made to bridge the gap between men and women in beer consumption and perception.


The beer industry needs to reevaluate its advertising strategies to appeal to women. By focusing on inclusivity, authenticity, and relevance, brands can tap into this underrepresented market and expand their reach.


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