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Insight of the Day: Brands are unleashing generative AI design tools for customers

The Trend: Putting AI Design in Customers' Hands

  • Design Democratization: Brands like Reebok, Adore Me, and others are letting customers use simple text prompts to generate custom designs for shoes, lingerie, and more.

  • Key Advantages: This approach offers personalization, playful engagement, unique product creations, and valuable data collection for brands.

How it Works:

  • Reebok's Sneaker AI:  Customers submit images to a chatbot, which transforms them into shoe patterns. Digital versions can be purchased for online games, with physical versions available at a discount.

  • Adore Me's Bra Design: Shoppers enter a text prompt and pick an art style. The AI creates a custom printed bra and panty set. This is built on print-on-demand tech.

  • Other Examples: Nike worked with athletes on AI shoe designs. Versace, Loewe, and more have done AI-assisted social media campaigns.

Benefits for Brands:

  • Hype Factor: Capitalizes on the curiosity around AI.

  • Playful Engagement: The process is fun and encourages interaction.

  • Personalization at Scale: Offers unique customization with relatively little effort.

  • Data Collection: Brands learn about customer desires and preferences.

Important Considerations:

  • Creative Control: Brands carefully guide AI output to stay on brand and protect their unique styles.

  • Phygital Challenges: Scaling physical production from digital designs remains a hurdle.

  • Transparency: Clear disclosure about AI use is key to avoid misleading consumers.

Overall Outlook:  Generative AI offers an exciting, accessible way for brands to interact with customers, personalize products, and gather insights. As technology and processes advance, we can expect even more creative applications.


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