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Insight of the Day: Comfort food: For Gen Z nostalgia snacking is on the menu

Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is redefining comfort food and snacking. Their preferences reflect a blend of nostalgia, wellness, and convenience. Let's explore their food trends:

1. Nostalgia Snacking:

- Gen Z's hunger for the snacks they enjoyed during childhood is creating an interest in specific foods and goodies.

- They seek comfort in familiar flavors and childhood favorites, often driven by memories and emotional connections¹.

2. Comfort and Community:

- Gen Z craves both comfort and community in their food choices.

- They prioritize hospitality and personal interactions when dining out.

- Formats they are familiar with, combined with innovative flavors and ingredients, resonate with them¹².

3. Top Snack Preferences:

- Salty Snacks: Potato chips are the most popular snack among Gen Z.

- Produce: Surprisingly, fruits and veggies come in second, with 57.3% choosing them regularly or occasionally.

- Dairy Products: Yogurt, cheese, and ice cream rank third in popularity³.

4. Balancing Comfort and Function:

- Gen Z seeks comfort foods like pizza, tacos, and fried chicken.

- They also balance these indulgences with plant-based options, such as meat-free toppings on pizza¹⁴.

5. Innovative Flavors and Ingredients:

- Gen Z craves newness and variety.

- They explore global flavors, fusion cuisine, and Instagrammable foods.

- Brands that offer customization, craveable options, and emotional connections resonate with them⁸.

In summary, Gen Z's food preferences reflect a blend of nostalgia, wellness, and adventure. Whether it's revisiting childhood favorites or trying innovative dishes, they seek both comfort and excitement in their culinary experiences.-market.

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