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Insight of the Day: Consumers Aren’t That Comfortable with Brands’ Use of AI in Advertising


  • Consumers express mixed feelings about AI in advertising, leaning towards discomfort in several key areas.

  • Majority of consumers (51%) are uncomfortable with AI-generated virtual ambassadors replacing celebrities.

  • Similar discomfort exists for AI-edited product images (48%) and AI-generated product images (47%).

  • Opinions are more evenly split on AI-generated descriptions (42% uncomfortable, 43% comfortable) and AI-decided ad placement (41% uncomfortable, 42% comfortable).

  • US consumers are more uncomfortable with AI use cases than the global average.

  • A majority of consumers believe brands should disclose their use of AI in advertising.

Key Takeaway:

Consumers are cautious about AI in advertising and expect transparency from brands regarding its use.


Growing skepticism and demand for transparency regarding AI in advertising.

It is about whom:

  • Consumers: Those exposed to advertising and their attitudes towards AI usage.

  • Brands/Advertisers: Those who use or consider using AI in their advertising practices.

Description of consumers/products:

  • Consumers: Adults aged 18+ across 17 global markets.

  • Products: Advertising materials, including virtual ambassadors, product images, descriptions, and ad placements.

Age of consumers:

  • Adults aged 18+ years.


  • While AI offers potential benefits in advertising, brands must proceed cautiously and prioritize transparency to avoid alienating consumers.

  • Disclosing AI usage is crucial for building trust and ensuring ethical practices.

Implications for brands:

  • Brands should carefully consider the potential impact of AI on consumer perception and trust.

  • Transparency about AI usage can mitigate discomfort and build stronger relationships with consumers.

  • Brands should explore ways to use AI responsibly and ethically in advertising, focusing on enhancing the consumer experience rather than replacing human creativity.

Implications for society:

  • The rise of AI in advertising raises ethical questions about authenticity, transparency, and the potential for manipulation.

  • Increased public awareness and discussion about AI usage can help shape responsible AI practices in the advertising industry.

  • The need for clear regulations and guidelines regarding AI in advertising is becoming increasingly important.

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