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Insight of the Day: Consumers Cite Taste as Top Snack Purchasing Driver

Key Insights from 84.51°'s Consumer Digest: Snacking Trends May 2024:

Increased Snacking Frequency:

  • Consumers are snacking more frequently than in 2023, with 27% reporting multiple daily snacks.

  • Popular snacking times include afternoon, late afternoon, and evening.

Shifting Snack Preferences:

  • Cheese takes the lead as the most popular snack in 2024, followed by fruits, potato chips, crackers, and chocolate.

Planned vs. Impulse Purchases:

  • Most shoppers (70%) decide whether to buy snacks before shopping, but fewer plan specific flavors, amounts, or sizes.

  • Impulse purchases are often driven by sales (73%).

Purchasing Channels:

  • The majority (85%) buy snacks in-store, while 29% purchase online.

  • Online snack purchases are more common among shoppers aged 35-44.

Key Purchase Drivers:

  • Taste/flavor is the most important factor (75%), followed by fulfilling cravings (55%), convenience (46%), and curbing appetite (41%).

  • Perceived value is determined by price (32%), product quality (15%), flavor (13%), health benefits (10%), and brand quality (8%).

Implications for Retailers and Suppliers:

  • Cater to increased snacking frequency by offering diverse snack options and convenient packaging.

  • Highlight cheese as a top choice and ensure availability of popular flavors.

  • Focus on taste and flavor while offering competitive prices and promotions to drive impulse purchases.

  • Optimize both in-store and online channels to cater to different shopper preferences.

  • Clearly communicate the value proposition of snacks, emphasizing taste, quality, and potential health benefits.

Overall, the snacking landscape is evolving, and understanding consumer preferences is crucial for retailers and suppliers to effectively target and cater to their needs.


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