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Insight of the Day: Consumers Tend to Start Their Shopping Journey Online, Finish It In-Store

  • Online Browsing Dominates:  Most shoppers (62%) start their purchase journey online, showing the importance of digital channels for product discovery.

  • In-Store Conversion: However, a significant portion (20%) of online browsers ultimately buy in-store, highlighting the continued importance of physical retail experiences.

  • Hybrid Shopping is the Norm: Consumers are no longer strictly online or in-store shoppers; they seamlessly blend both channels.

Age-Based Differences

  • Younger Generations are More Digitally Focused:  Shoppers under 45 are more likely to start and complete their purchases entirely online.

  • Older Generations Prefer In-Store Purchases: Shoppers over 45 tend to favor completing their purchase journeys in physical stores.

Implications for Retailers

  • Omnichannel is Key: Retailers must create a seamless experience between online and in-store channels to cater to hybrid shopping behaviors.

  • Online Drives Foot Traffic:  A compelling online presence is critical for attracting customers who may end up purchasing in-store

  • In-Store Experience Matters: Physical stores must offer compelling reasons for shoppers to complete their purchase. This could include product interaction, expert advice, and immediate gratification.

Additional Points from the Survey

  • Why the Shift to In-Store?: Understanding the specific reasons why online browsers choose to buy in-store could help retailers improve their physical offerings.

  • Product Categories: The trend might vary depending on the type of product being purchased.

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