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Insight of the Day: Diners driven away from upscale venues and takeaway pizzas towards burger and chicken chains

Rising costs and inflation are causing a shift in consumer dining habits, with customers moving away from upscale venues and takeaway pizza towards more affordable options like burger chains, chicken shops, and on-the-go bakeries.

Key points from the report:

  • Quick service restaurants (QSR):  Have seen a 13% rise in customer spending from 2022 to 2024.

  • Takeaway pizza restaurants: Struggling to maintain market share due to increased costs, with an 11% rise in average transactions.

  • Chicken shops and fast-food restaurants: Customers spending an average of 21% and 18% more, respectively.

  • Casual dining restaurants: 13% drop in visits due to rising costs.

  • Upscale dining restaurants: 11% drop in visits, further demonstrating the impact of cost pressures.

  • Burger chains: 17% rise in transaction volume and 12% rise in overall customer spend, potentially due to their affordability and upscale dining environment.

  • City lunch spots: 9% reduction in visits due to increased costs.

  • High-end coffee shops: 14% drop in visits.

  • On-the-go bakery sector: 4% rise in total customer spending and 1% increase in transactions due to their cost-effectiveness.

Recommendations for dining brands:

  • Use data to understand changing customer behaviors: Identify how spending habits are changing and create tailored offers and rewards.

  • Focus on affordability: Offer value-driven options to attract cost-conscious consumers.

  • Adapt to changing consumption patterns: Consider the impact of hybrid working on lunch spots and coffee shops.

Overall, the report highlights the need for dining brands to be proactive and data-driven in their approach to adapt to changing consumer behavior in the current economic climate.

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