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Insight of the Day: Earth Day 2024: Best Brand Activations

The article highlights the best brand activations for Earth Day 2024, showcasing how different companies are taking initiatives to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable practices. Here are the key highlights from the article:

1. Kiehl’s Eco-Activist Art Installation:

- Kiehl’s partnered with Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong for an environmental art installation on New York City's High Line.

- The installation, made from two tons of single-use plastic, features mirrors and dioramas to promote a switch to refillable products.

- The project aligns with the Earth Day 2024 theme, 'Planet vs. Plastics.'

2. Earth Day Canada x Strava:

- Earth Day Canada partnered with exercise-tracking app Strava for a 'leg day' challenge.

- Participants logged 10 days of sustainable commuting on the Strava app for a chance to win earth-friendly prizes.

- The campaign encourages consumers to view journeying on foot as good for both planetary and personal health.

3. Asics' Tree-Planting Tracker:

- Asics uses its free Runkeeper app to pledge the planting of up to 75,000 trees (one for every 5k run or walk recorded on the app throughout April).

- This initiative empowers users by giving them a sense of achievement and contribution to the environment.

4. LG's Year-Round Anamorphic Billboards:

- LG launched year-round comms featuring 3D anamorphic billboards in Times Square, New York.

- The campaign showcases endangered animals, beginning with a snow leopard and transitioning to other animals throughout the year.

- This campaign highlights LG's technological prowess while promoting awareness of endangered species.

These brand activations reflect how companies are leveraging Earth Day to engage consumers in sustainability efforts and promote eco-friendly practices. Through creative and impactful campaigns, these brands aim to make a positive difference for the planet and inspire consumers to do the same.

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