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Insight of the Day: eBay introduces click-to-resell feature to “reduce friction” when shopping circular

eBay has introduced a new "click-to-resell" feature aimed at simplifying the process of listing and selling pre-owned clothing on its platform. This initiative is part of eBay's broader commitment to promoting circular fashion and reducing waste.

Feature Integration: The "resell on eBay" button is incorporated into Certilogo's Secure by Design digital ID, which is accessible by scanning a QR code on a product's smart label.

Authentication: The feature leverages Certilogo's AI-based authentication system to verify the authenticity of items before listing.

Pilot Program: Italian outerwear brand Save The Duck is the first to pilot this feature, with plans to expand to other brands using Certilogo Digital ID.

Benefits: The feature simplifies the listing process for sellers and helps brands keep their products out of landfills by encouraging resale.

Additional Advancements: This feature complements eBay's recent efforts to enhance the user experience, including the launch of an AI-enabled personalized outfit feature and the removal of seller fees for fashion items in the UK.


eBay's new "click-to-resell" feature represents a significant step towards promoting circularity in the fashion industry. By streamlining the resale process, eBay aims to encourage more consumers to participate in the secondhand market, reducing waste and extending the lifespan of clothing items.


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