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Insight of the Day: Exploring New Twists on the Ever-Evolving Pretzel Segment

Findings: Pretzel chains like Wetzel's Pretzels, Pretzelmaker, and Auntie Anne's are expanding beyond their traditional mall locations to reach a wider audience and adapt to evolving consumer habits.

Key Takeaway: Pretzel brands are diversifying their formats, menus, and locations to cater to the growing demand for convenience, on-the-go options, and diverse snack and meal choices.

Trend: The shift away from mall-centric models towards streetside stores, drive-thrus, and co-branded locations with complementary brands.

Consumer Motivation: Consumers seek convenience, variety, and healthier snack and meal options that can be enjoyed on the go or at different times of the day.

Driving Trend: The decline of mall traffic, changing consumer habits, and the increasing demand for convenient and diverse food options are driving this trend.

Target Audience: Consumers of all ages, particularly Gen Z and millennials who prefer smaller, more frequent meals and snacks.

Product Description: Pretzel brands are expanding their menus beyond traditional pretzels to include breakfast sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, smoothies, lemonades, and other savory and sweet snacks.

Conclusions: The expansion of pretzel brands beyond malls is a strategic move to remain relevant and competitive in the evolving food industry. By diversifying their formats and offerings, these brands can reach a broader audience and cater to changing consumer preferences.

Implications for Brands: Pretzel brands need to continue innovating their menus, formats, and locations to stay ahead of the curve. This includes exploring partnerships with complementary brands, investing in digital capabilities, and focusing on convenience and customer experience.

Implications for Society: The expansion of pretzel brands reflects a broader trend in the food industry towards diversification and adaptability. As consumer preferences evolve, food brands need to be agile and responsive to maintain their relevance and success.


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