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Insight of the Day: Fast-food chains may need to offer more value meals to lure customers

Fast-food restaurants are experiencing a slowdown in sales due to inflated menu prices, and customers are becoming less willing to accept these increases.

To combat this, companies like McDonald's are considering bringing back value meals, like a $5 meal deal with a burger, fries, and a drink.

This move is aimed at attracting budget-conscious consumers who have shifted to cooking at home or bringing their own lunch due to the rising cost of eating out.

While value meals can be effective in luring customers back, they can also backfire if customers only purchase the discounted meal and nothing else.

The sustainability of offering cheap meals is also questionable, as franchise owners face inflationary pressures and may not be able to afford to offer them long-term.

Experts suggest that the era of super cheap fast food might be over due to these inflationary pressures.


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