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Insight of the Day: Fears over future of the car industry as sales fall and spare parts become scarce

Car Industry Faces Challenges: Declining Sales and Spare Parts Shortages

Key Points:

  • Reduced Demand for New Cars: Consumers are holding onto older petrol and diesel vehicles due to the high cost and perceived risks of electric vehicles (EVs).

  • Shift to EV Production: Car manufacturers are prioritizing the production of electric vehicles, leading to a reduced supply of spare parts for older models.

  • Spare Parts Shortage: The shortage of spare parts is causing increased waiting times and costs for repairs and maintenance, making some older cars unusable.

  • Impact on Consumers: The lack of spare parts and rising repair costs are causing hardship for families who rely on their cars for daily transportation needs.

  • Zero Emissions Mandates: Government mandates requiring a certain percentage of new car sales to be electric are further pressuring manufacturers to prioritize EV production.

  • Environmental Concerns: The slow adoption of EVs and the continued use of older, less efficient vehicles are hindering efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Potential Solutions:

  • Incentivize EV Adoption: Governments could offer more incentives for consumers to switch to electric vehicles, such as tax breaks, subsidies, and expanded charging infrastructure.

  • Support for Spare Parts Production: Governments and manufacturers could collaborate to ensure the continued production of spare parts for older vehicles.

  • Promote Alternative Transportation: Investing in public transportation and encouraging walking and cycling can reduce reliance on cars.

  • Extend Vehicle Lifespan: Initiatives to promote vehicle maintenance and repair can help extend the lifespan of existing cars and reduce the need for new ones.


The car industry faces a complex challenge balancing the transition to electric vehicles with the need to support existing petrol and diesel car owners. Addressing the spare parts shortage and incentivizing EV adoption are crucial steps to ensure a smooth and sustainable transition towards a greener transportation future.

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