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Insight of the Day: Fed Says Consumers See Higher-for-Longer Inflation

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's April Survey of Consumer Expectations revealed several key findings regarding consumers' views on inflation and financial outlook:

Inflation Expectations:

  • Higher for Longer: Consumers expect inflation to be higher in the short term (one year) and long term (five years) compared to previous forecasts. This suggests they believe elevated inflation will persist.

  • Slight Dip in Mid-Term: There's a slight expectation for inflation to moderate in the medium term (three years).

  • Specific Categories: Consumers expect higher inflation in food and rent, essential expenses impacting household budgets.

Spending and Financial Outlook:

  • Mixed Signals: While consumers anticipate increased spending in the coming year, there are signs of financial strain.

  • Fewer Expecting Improvement: The percentage of consumers who believe their financial situation will be "much better off" has declined, while those expecting to be "much worse off" has increased.

  • Debt Concerns: A significant portion of consumers are worried about their ability to make minimum debt payments.

  • Job and Wage Outlook: Fewer consumers expect wage increases or are confident in finding new jobs that meet their salary needs.

Overall Implications:

The findings suggest a complex economic landscape. Consumers expect inflation to remain high, impacting their spending power and financial well-being. While they plan to continue spending, concerns about debt and job security are growing. The combination of these factors could lead to economic challenges in the future.

Additional Insights from PYMNTS Intelligence Survey:

  • Consumers Adjusting Spending: A significant percentage of consumers are changing their spending habits due to higher prices, including cutting back and switching to different merchants.

  • Retail Price Increases: Consumers anticipate further price increases in the retail sector throughout 2024.

Overall, these surveys paint a picture of consumers adapting to a challenging economic environment with persistent inflation, financial uncertainties, and evolving spending patterns.

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