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Insight of the Day: Gastro-tourism and food provenance to drive dining trends, says report

The Godrej Food Trends Report 2024, released in Mumbai, offers insights into India's culinary landscape, highlighting the following trends:

1. Focus on Provenance: The report emphasizes the importance of food provenance, with a growing interest in ingredient-driven menus and hyperlocal produce. Restaurants like NAAR and Palash are leading the trend by championing farm-to-fork experiences.

2. Gastro-tourism: There is a rising trend of gastro-tourism, where travelers seek authentic culinary experiences during their journeys. Culinary site tours are becoming increasingly popular among travelers, with a forecasted participation rate of 92.3%.

3. Indian-Origin Spirits: Indian bars are expected to feature dedicated menus showcasing Indian-origin spirits, reflecting a growing appreciation for indigenous ingredients in drinks.

4. Ghee: Ghee has emerged as a popular ingredient, with a reimagining of ghee-infused delicacies and cocktails. The trend aligns with a broader shift towards health-conscious diets.

5. Women-Led Culinary Businesses: The report predicts a significant role for women in shaping India's culinary landscape, with more women entering hospitality and leading kitchens and bars. Award-winning restaurants like Masque and innovative eateries like Navu and Omo Cafe are examples of women-led establishments making waves in the industry.

These trends indicate a dynamic evolution in India's dining scene, driven by a quest for flavor, authenticity, and innovation.

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