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Insight of the Day: Giant croissants prove that even Paris has succumbed to the TikTokification of food


  • In "Giant croissants prove that even Paris has succumbed to the TikTokification of food," Helen Coffey critiques the growing trend of social media-driven food that values visual appeal over culinary enjoyment.

  • She cites the rise of oversized croissants in Paris as an example, arguing that these creations are meant for "making content" on platforms like TikTok, rather than offering a superior taste experience.

  • Coffey worries that this trend undermines traditional culinary values, even in famously discerning cities like Paris. She points to other examples like rainbow-colored treats and over-the-top milkshakes to illustrate her point.

Discussion Points:

  • The impact of social media on food: How does our desire to share food experiences on social media affect what we choose to eat and how it's presented?

  • Taste vs. novelty: To what extent should chefs and restaurants balance tradition and innovation? Does the pursuit of viral food trends come at the expense of genuine flavor?

  • Is this trend sustainable? Is the fascination with visually-driven, overly large foods a fad, or a permanent shift in the culinary landscape?

  • The role of traditionalists: Is there a place for both traditional and 'social media-friendly' food to coexist, or does the tension between the two represent a threat to time-honored culinary arts?

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