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Insight of the Day: Growing Thirst for Hydration Products in Asia Pacific


  • Hydration is a top health priority for consumers in Asia Pacific, driven by global warming and modern life demands.

  • Sports drinks dominate the hydration market, but new categories like sports nutrition and powder concentrates are rapidly growing.

  • Electrolytes are increasingly popular, sought after not just for sports but also for heat fatigue and everyday recovery.

  • Health-promoting ingredients are driving further segmentation in hydration products, addressing multiple consumer needs.

  • Convenient formats like RTDs and powder concentrates are gaining popularity, especially for everyday use and budget-conscious consumers.

Key Takeaway:

The hydration market in Asia Pacific is evolving rapidly, with a growing demand for products that offer not just hydration but also additional health benefits. Convenience and affordability are key factors driving consumer choices.


The trend is towards functional hydration beverages with added health benefits, catering to a broader range of needs beyond sports performance. Convenient formats like RTDs and powders are gaining traction, particularly among budget-conscious consumers.


The hydration market in Asia Pacific presents significant opportunities for brands that can innovate and cater to diverse consumer needs. Premium features, natural ingredients, and scientific backing can attract consumers in developed markets, while affordable options like powder concentrates are key for developing markets.

Implications for Brands:

  • Innovate with healthy ingredients: Develop hydration products with added health benefits like stress relief or sleep aids.

  • Leverage local preferences: Incorporate traditional ingredients like ginseng or goji berries in markets like China.

  • Offer convenient formats: Provide RTDs and powder concentrates for on-the-go consumption and affordability.

  • Invest in research and development: Partner with research firms to create products backed by scientific evidence.

  • Tailor offerings to different markets: Offer premium features for developed markets and affordable options for developing markets.

By focusing on these strategies, brands can effectively tap into the growing thirst for hydration products in Asia Pacific and establish a strong presence in this dynamic market.


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