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Insight of the Day: How Fashion Players Can Add “Value” with Volume Sales Under Threat

This article discusses the challenges facing the fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, due to a combination of consumer and regulatory pressures towards sustainability.

Here are the key points:

  • Economic Pressures: Consumers are becoming more budget-conscious due to inflation, leading them to seek out deals and cheaper clothing options.

  • Demand for Affordability in Sustainable Fashion: While there's interest in sustainable clothing, many consumers find it too expensive compared to fast fashion options.

  • Shift Towards Repair and Rental:  As budgets tighten, some consumers are looking to extend the life of their clothes through repair or rental services.

  • Regulation and Scrutiny:  Regulations like the EU Right to Repair and the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles are pushing the fashion industry towards more sustainable practices. This includes combating greenwashing and requiring greater supply chain transparency.

  • Volume Sales Threatened:  The combination of these factors threatens the traditional fast fashion business model based on high volume, low-cost clothing.

The article concludes by emphasizing the need for fashion companies to adapt by:

  • Focusing on Sustainability:  Integrating sustainability into their business models to comply with regulations and meet consumer demand.

  • Building Transparency:  Providing clear information about their supply chains and environmental/social practices.

  • Shifting to Value-added Services: Exploring business models that offer repair, rental, and resale options in addition to traditional sales.

The article is written by Marguerite Le Rolland, an expert in the fashion industry, and references the upcoming Global Fashion Summit which focuses on sustainability in fashion.

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