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Insight of the Day: How lip gloss became the answer to Gen Z’s problems

The Trend: Lip balms, glosses, and oils are dominating the beauty market,  with a focus on hydration, skincare benefits, and a return to shiny, glossy lips.

Why It Matters

  • The Kylie Jenner Era Fades: While lip fillers remain popular, there's a shift towards more subtle enhancement methods and a focus on lip care.

  • Aging Anxieties: Gen Z's obsession with anti-aging extends to lips. Full, youthful lips are the goal, driving demand for plumping and hydrating products.

  • Lip Products Bridge Makeup and Skincare: Brands are infusing lip glosses/balms with skincare ingredients like peptides, blurring the line between beauty and self-care.

  • Affordable Luxury in Uncertain Times:  Lip products offer a low-cost indulgence during economic downturns, providing a sense of comfort and accessible participation in luxury trends.

  • Overconsumption and the Illusion of Control: Ironically, the constant need to reapply some lip products may undermine their moisturizing claims while fueling a cycle of compulsive purchasing.

Key Takeaways

  • Lip products are more than just makeup; they symbolize anxieties about aging, desires for accessible luxury, and a potential for compulsive consumerism.

  • Even as trends like "deinfluencing" gain traction, lip gloss demonstrates the enduring power of beauty marketing, fueled by our desire for small, affordable moments of indulgence.

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