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Insight of the Day: How the world’s best hotels deliver exceptional customer experience

This article by McKinsey discusses how luxury hotels deliver exceptional customer experience by focusing on a culture of excellence. It emphasizes that stellar service, driven by devoted hotel staff, is what truly makes a great property stand out. The piece highlights the importance of creating unique experiences and memorable moments for guests, as well as the shift in consumer preferences towards valuing experiences over material goods.

The article also shares insights from interviews with current and former general managers from iconic luxury hotels around the world. These GMs emphasize the importance of leadership in establishing a culture of excellence, where staff are empowered to anticipate guests' needs, exceed expectations, and create seamless experiences. The GMs stress the role of leaders in setting the tone for the entire staff and instilling foundational principles from day one.

Overall, the article highlights the importance of building a winning culture focused on delivering exceptional service and creating positive past experiences for guests. It suggests that investing in this type of culture may provide higher returns for luxury properties than simply focusing on physical luxury features.

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