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Insight of the Day: How will AI impact spirits?

Findings: AI is being used in product development, marketing, and business operations within the alcohol sector.

Key Takeaway: AI can enhance creativity, efficiency, and customer experience without necessarily replacing jobs.


  • Customisation: Personalised marketing and product recommendations.

  • Multi-sensory Experiences: Enhancing taste and atmosphere through AI.

  • Generative AI: Creating imagery and content for marketing and product design.

Target Audience: Professionals in the wine and spirits industry, tech developers, marketers.

Description: The article details AI applications in enhancing customer experiences, product innovations, and marketing strategies in the alcohol industry.

Conclusions: AI tools can complement human creativity and improve operational efficiency.

Implications for Brands: Investing in AI can lead to more personalised and engaging customer interactions and innovative products.

Implications for Society: Wider access to luxury experiences and educational content about alcohol through digital tools.

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