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Insight of the Day: How winners are standing out from losers in troubled luxury market

The luxury fashion retail market is experiencing a slowdown due to several factors:


  • Economic Factors: Rising interest rates, the cost-of-living crisis, and the removal of VAT-free shopping in the UK have reduced discretionary spending on luxury items.

  • Shift in Consumer Preferences: Consumers are prioritizing value and seeking more affordable options, impacting the demand for high-priced luxury goods.

  • Geographic Variations: The US remains the strongest market, while the UK and Europe have declined, and China has proven more challenging than anticipated.

  • Competition: The luxury market is highly competitive, with some brands struggling to maintain their appeal and market share.

Trends and Strategies:

  • Accessories and Beauty: Lower-priced accessories and beauty products are performing well, as they are seen as investment pieces and offer a more accessible entry point into the luxury market.

  • Exclusivity: Brands like Hermès, which maintain a sense of exclusivity, are thriving despite the slowdown.

  • Trendiness: Trendy brands with strong social media presence and celebrity endorsements, such as Jacquemus and Van Cleef & Arpels, are also performing well.

  • Mid-Market Struggles: Mid-market luxury brands like Gucci and Burberry are facing challenges due to their target demographic being impacted by rising costs.


Despite the current challenges, there is optimism for the future of the luxury market. Experts believe that if brands recalibrate their value proposition and focus on pricing, they can win back spending. Additionally, the underlying market for luxury goods remains robust, with an affluent demographic still willing to spend on high-quality items.

Overall, the luxury fashion retail market is going through a period of adjustment. While some brands are struggling, others are finding ways to adapt and thrive. The key to success lies in understanding the changing consumer landscape and offering products and experiences that cater to their evolving needs and preferences.

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