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Insight of the Day: KitKat and Heinz respond to “surprisingly good” ketchup and KitKat trend


  • A new TikTok trend involves dipping KitKats into ketchup.

  • The trend has gained significant attention, with even KitKat joining in by posting a video of employees testing it.

  • Reactions to the combination are mixed, with some finding it surprisingly good and others expressing disgust.

  • This trend isn't entirely new, as a video from 2021 showed a man enjoying the sweet and savory mixture.

  • There are hints of a potential collaboration between KitKat and Heinz Ketchup to create a ketchup-flavored KitKat.

Key Takeaway:

  • The KitKat and ketchup trend highlights the power of TikTok in creating and amplifying unusual food combinations.


  • TikTok continues to be a platform for experimenting with and popularizing bizarre food trends.


  • While some find the combination intriguing and tasty, others find it repulsive.

  • The trend's popularity demonstrates the willingness of some consumers to try unconventional flavor pairings.

  • The potential collaboration between KitKat and Heinz could lead to a unique and unexpected product.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands can leverage TikTok trends to generate buzz and engagement around their products.

  • Collaborations between seemingly unrelated brands can create innovative and attention-grabbing products.

  • It's essential to gauge consumer reactions and preferences before fully embracing unconventional trends.


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