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Insight of the Day: ‘Low Maintenance Luxury’ Is Summer’s Top Beauty Trend, According To An Expert

Key Takeaways of Summer 2024 Beauty Trends:

  • Low-Maintenance Luxury:  Beauty routines are shifting towards effortless, multi-tasking products that offer both skincare and cosmetic benefits. Think "skinimalism" in skincare and makeup with skincare benefits.

  • Tinted Lip Balms:  Lipstick is taking a backseat to hydrating, tinted lip balms and serum-infused sticks. These products offer a comfortable, plumping, and low-maintenance lip color.

  • Dewy Blush:  Cream and gel blushes that create a natural, dewy look are replacing all-over highlighters. This trend emphasizes a "sunburn aesthetic" across cheeks, lids, and nose.

  • Sunscreen Hybrids: Mineral sunscreen formulations are becoming more elegant, allowing for multi-tasking complexion products that offer sun protection, serum-like feel, and tinted coverage.

  • Air-Dried Hair with Natural Texture: Embracing natural hair texture and air-drying is on the rise, promoting a more relaxed and carefree summer aesthetic.

  • Elaborate Body Care Regimens: Multi-step body care routines involving exfoliation, serums, oils, lotions, and balms are gaining popularity, especially during the skin-baring summer months.

Consumer Motivation:

  • Effortless Beauty: Consumers are looking for low-maintenance products that simplify their routines and enhance their natural features.

  • Skincare-Infused Makeup: The desire for healthy, glowing skin is driving the demand for makeup products that offer skincare benefits.

  • Natural Look:  Consumers are embracing their natural texture and opting for products that enhance their natural beauty rather than masking it.

  • Self-Care: The elaborate body care trend reflects a growing interest in self-care and pampering rituals.

Driving Trends:

  • Shifting Beauty Standards:  The "clean girl" aesthetic and a focus on natural beauty are influencing product preferences.

  • Technological Advancements: New formulations in sunscreen and skincare are enabling the creation of multi-tasking products.

  • Increased Awareness of Skin Health:  The importance of sun protection and skincare is driving demand for products that offer both beauty and skin health benefits.

Target Consumers: The article primarily refers to beauty enthusiasts and Violet Grey customers, who are interested in luxury, high-quality beauty products that are vetted by experts. However, the trends mentioned are likely to appeal to a wider range of consumers who are looking for effortless, natural, and effective beauty solutions.

Implications for Brands:

  • Focus on Multi-Tasking Products: Develop products that offer multiple benefits to cater to the demand for simplified routines.

  • Prioritize Skincare Benefits: Incorporate skincare ingredients into makeup products to appeal to consumers seeking healthy, glowing skin.

  • Embrace Natural Beauty:  Create products that enhance natural features and promote a healthy, effortless look.

  • Invest in Body Care:  Expand product lines to include body care products that offer luxurious experiences and effective results.

Implications for Society:

  • Shifting Beauty Ideals:  The trend towards natural beauty and self-care may contribute to more inclusive and diverse beauty standards.

  • Increased Focus on Skin Health: The emphasis on sun protection and skincare could lead to better skin health awareness and practices.

  • Potential for Increased Consumer Spending: The elaborate body care trend may drive increased spending on beauty products.


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