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Insight of the Day: Majority across the generations think things are broken, declining and rigged

Here are some key points gathered from the provided text about the current global

  • The first few years of the 2020s have been challenging due to the pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, war situations, and other global events.

  • While COVID-19 is no longer a global emergency, and inflation has somewhat stabilized, many people still find it difficult to manage financially.

  • Populist politicians like former U.S. President Donald Trump are finding an eager audience among those who feel dissatisfied with the current state of their countries.

  • In countries like Sweden, there is a prevailing sense that things are not on the right track, with concerns about violence, healthcare, public services, and societal polarization.

  • A significant majority of people globally are unsatisfied with the social, political, and economic situations in their countries, leading to a desire for change and potentially impacting upcoming elections.

This data reflects a widespread sentiment of dissatisfaction and pessimism across various countries, with citizens feeling that their countries are facing significant challenges that need to be addressed by political leaders.

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