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Insight of the Day: McVitie’s adds Gold Digestives to tap the blonde chocolate trend

McVitie's Launches Gold Chocolate Digestives to Tap into Growing Trend


  • McVitie's is releasing a new product: Gold Chocolate Digestives, combining their classic Digestive biscuit with the Gold Bar's golden caramel flavor.

  • The new biscuits will be available in Sainsbury's from July 7th, priced at £1.89, and will roll out more widely later in the month.

  • The launch aims to build on the success of Gold Billions Wafer, another brand extension that proved popular last year.

  • Market research shows a strong intent to purchase among the target demographic (18-35 year-olds).

  • Pladis, the owner of McVitie's, recently registered the brand name "McVitie's Zero" for a reduced-sugar Digestive biscuit available in Turkey, but there are no current plans to launch it elsewhere.

Key Takeaway:

McVitie's is leveraging the growing popularity of golden chocolate flavors and the success of previous brand extensions to launch Gold Chocolate Digestives, targeting a younger demographic and aiming to capture a significant share of the biscuit market.


The increasing demand for new and innovative flavors in the biscuit category, particularly among younger consumers, is driving brands like McVitie's to experiment with different flavor combinations and introduce novel products.

Consumers Addressed:

  • Primarily 18-35 year-olds, who have shown a high intent to purchase the new product.

  • Fans of McVitie's classic Digestives and Gold Bars.

  • Consumers looking for new and exciting flavors in the biscuit aisle.


  • McVitie's Gold Chocolate Digestives are poised to be a successful product launch, given the market research and the popularity of both the Digestive biscuit and golden chocolate flavors.

  • The brand is actively expanding its product portfolio and exploring new flavor combinations to appeal to a wider audience.

  • The registration of "McVitie's Zero" suggests that the company is also considering healthier options for the future.

Implications for Brands:

  • Innovation is key to staying relevant and competitive in the biscuit market.

  • Understanding consumer preferences and catering to specific demographics can drive sales.

  • Brand extensions can be a successful strategy to leverage existing brand equity and introduce new products.

Implications for Society:

  • The launch of new products like Gold Chocolate Digestives can contribute to the overall growth of the food industry.

  • The introduction of healthier options like McVitie's Zero could have a positive impact on public health.

  • The focus on innovative flavors and consumer preferences reflects a broader trend towards personalization and customization in the food industry.


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