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Insight of the Day: Millennials and Gen Zs: Craving Simplicity, Seeking Value – The New Travel Paradigm in Asia Pacific

Here's a summary of the article, highlighting key trends among Gen Z and Millennial travelers in Asia Pacific:

  • Shift to Simplicity: A preference for a single, comprehensive travel loyalty program prevails, allowing users to maximize value and streamline their travel experience.

  • Travel as a Priority: Gen Z and Millennials view travel as essential and adjust their spending habits accordingly, with plans for multiple trips in 2024.

  • Strategies for Maximizing Value: Travelers utilize loyalty programs, travel-linked credit cards, and points redemption for local experiences to unlock greater value from their trips.

  • Hotels as Destinations: These travelers seek unique hotel experiences with local flavor and amenities, showing interest in brands like Moxy Hotels.

  • Intra-regional Travel: Travelers opt for "destination dupes" within the Asia Pacific region for accessibility and value. This reflects a rise in multi-destination, extended trips for business and leisure combined.

  • Off-Peak Exploration: To avoid crowds and have a more enjoyable experience, many Gen Z and Millennial travelers strategically choose to travel during off-peak seasons.

Key Takeaway: Marriott Bonvoy's survey highlights the evolving travel preferences of younger generations in the Asia Pacific region. They prioritize simplicity, value, immersive experiences, and strategic planning when it comes to travel.

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