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Insight of the Day: Millennials Are the Worst Cooks in History, According to This Study


  • A survey found that a smaller percentage of millennials consider themselves "very good" cooks compared to baby boomers.

  • Millennials reported cooking less overall and feeling less confident in their culinary skills.

  • Half of millennials surveyed believed they couldn't cook basic dishes like steak, chicken, or salmon.

  • The study also revealed inconsistencies in self-reported results from baby boomers regarding baking cookies.

Key Takeaway:

Millennials may perceive themselves as having lower cooking skills compared to older generations, potentially due to self-criticism or limited experience in the kitchen.


The trend of millennials feeling less confident in their cooking abilities could be attributed to various factors, such as the prevalence of convenient food options, busy lifestyles, and lack of formal culinary education.


  • While the study suggests millennials lack cooking skills, the self-reported nature of the data and inconsistencies in responses raise questions about its accuracy.

  • Further research is needed to determine the true extent of millennials' cooking abilities and the underlying reasons behind their perceived lack of skills.

Implications for Brands:

  • Food brands and retailers can capitalize on this trend by offering products and services that cater to millennials' perceived lack of cooking skills.

  • Educational content, cooking classes, and easy-to-follow recipes can help millennials build confidence in the kitchen.

  • Marketing campaigns that showcase relatable and approachable cooking styles can resonate with millennials and encourage them to experiment with cooking.

  • By addressing the perceived skill gap and providing resources, brands can tap into the millennial market and foster a new generation of home cooks.


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