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Insight of the Day: Moms Prioritize Household Healthcare Over Their Own

The 2024 Women's Wellness Index Report reveals a concerning trend: mothers often prioritize the health of their household members over their own, potentially compromising their well-being.

Key Findings:

  • 78% of mothers prioritize their household's health over their own.

  • Mothers are 14% less likely to seek preventative medical care compared to single women without children.

  • Interviews reveal that this prioritization often stems from feelings of obligation due to personal, social, or religious expectations.


  • Negative Health Outcomes: Neglecting personal health can lead to chronic conditions and worsened well-being for mothers.

  • Economic Burden: Untreated health issues can increase healthcare costs for families in the long run.

  • Societal Impact: Mothers play a crucial role in families and communities. Their well-being is essential for overall societal health.


  • Awareness and Education: Raise awareness about the importance of self-care for mothers and encourage them to prioritize their health.

  • Support Systems: Provide resources and support systems to help mothers balance their caregiving responsibilities with their own well-being.

  • Policy Changes: Implement policies that support mothers in accessing affordable healthcare and childcare, enabling them to prioritize their health without sacrificing their family's well-being.

The findings of the 2024 Women's Wellness Index Report highlight the need for a shift in mindset and greater support for mothers to prioritize their health. By addressing this issue, we can improve the well-being of mothers, families, and communities as a whole.

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