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Insight of the Day: Nestle and Coke make ‘new associations’ for consumers using Wegovy and Ozempic

Nestle's Cautious Approach to Marketing Food for Weight-Loss Drug Users

Key Takeaway:

Nestle, the world's largest food maker, is entering the market for products targeting users of GLP-1 weight-loss drugs, but is taking a cautious approach to avoid regulatory scrutiny.


  • Nestle is launching a new line of frozen meals called Vital Pursuit, designed for people taking weight-loss medications like Wegovy and Ozempic.

  • The company will emphasize the high protein, fiber, and nutrient content of the meals, but will not directly mention the drugs on the packaging or in advertising due to regulatory concerns.

  • Other food companies are taking a more direct approach, with some explicitly mentioning GLP-1 drugs in their marketing materials.

  • However, experts warn that linking food products to specific drugs could raise regulatory issues with the FDA.

Implications for Brands:

  • Food companies see a huge opportunity in targeting the growing market of people taking weight-loss medications.

  • However, they must navigate a complex regulatory landscape to avoid making claims that their products treat or prevent disease.

  • The most successful brands will likely be those that find a balance between appealing to consumers taking the medications and those who are not.

  • This may involve focusing on the nutritional benefits of their products rather than explicitly linking them to specific drugs.


The emergence of GLP-1 drugs is creating a new market for food products tailored to the needs of people taking these medications. Nestle's cautious approach reflects the uncertainty facing the food industry as it navigates this evolving landscape.


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