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Insight of the Day: ‘New Gen’ prospects: Young China, India consumers still set to drive luxury food and beverage retail despite slower economy


  • Despite global economic downturns, young consumers in China and India are driving the growth of the luxury food and beverage sector.

  • Chinese millennials, known as the "New Generation," prioritize spending on leisure and luxury items, despite having less income than their parents.

  • Indian consumers are increasingly valuing local brands and products, but also prioritize quality and are open to luxury and branding.

  • Successful businesses in India need to localize their products and services, invest in the country, and navigate the digital India Stack.

  • Asia, with its large economies and growing young population, remains a crucial market for premium food and beverage products.

Key Takeaway:

Young consumers in China and India are reshaping the luxury food and beverage market with their unique preferences and spending habits. Businesses need to understand and cater to these consumers to succeed in these markets.


The rise of the "New Generation" in China, characterized by their openness to new experiences and willingness to spend on luxury goods, is a significant trend. In India, the growing appreciation for local brands and the increasing importance of quality and value are key trends to watch.


  • The luxury food and beverage sector in China and India remains resilient despite economic challenges, thanks to the spending power of young consumers.

  • Businesses need to adapt their strategies to cater to the preferences of these young consumers, focusing on personalization, quality, and local relevance.

  • Asia, particularly China and India, continues to be a vital market for the global luxury food and beverage industry.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands need to tailor their products and marketing messages to appeal to the unique tastes and preferences of young Chinese and Indian consumers.

  • Localizing products and services is crucial for success in India, while emphasizing quality and value is essential in both markets.

  • Businesses should invest in understanding and utilizing the digital India Stack to reach and engage with Indian consumers effectively.

  • Brands should recognize the immense potential of the Asian market and develop strategies to capitalize on the growing demand for luxury food and beverage products in the region.


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