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Insight of the Day: New ice cream trends survey shows America’s top flavors, toppings and ways to eat ice cream


  • 97% of Americans love or like ice cream.

  • Vanilla is the top ice cream flavor for the general public, while Cookie Dough is the top flavor among Capitol Hill staff.

  • Waffle cones are the most popular container, followed by bowls and sugar cones.

  • Hot fudge is the top ice cream topping, followed by whipped cream, caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce.

  • Flavor is the most important consideration when choosing ice cream, followed by size and price.

  • Most Americans prefer to eat ice cream at home, while young adults prefer to eat it outdoors.

  • Both the general public and Capitol Hill staff see the U.S. Congress as being like Rocky Road ice cream - "Anything but Smooth."

Key Takeaway:

  • Ice cream is a beloved treat in America, with diverse preferences for flavors, toppings, and ways to enjoy it.


  • While traditional flavors remain popular, newer flavors like Butter Pecan and Cookie Dough are gaining traction.


  • The ice cream industry is thriving and continues to innovate with new flavors and combinations.

  • Understanding consumer preferences is crucial for brands to succeed in this competitive market.

Implications for Brands:

  • Ice cream brands should focus on offering a variety of flavors, including both classic and innovative options.

  • Investing in high-quality toppings and mix-ins can enhance the appeal of their products.

  • Creating convenient packaging options for at-home consumption can cater to the majority of consumers.

  • Marketing campaigns should highlight the fun and versatility of ice cream, encouraging consumers to experiment with different flavors and combinations.

  • Brands should consider targeting young adults with outdoor-focused campaigns, as they are more likely to enjoy ice cream in outdoor settings.


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