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Insight of the Day: New Poll Shows Brits Reluctant to Share Food, Citing Classic 'Friends" Line


A new poll reveals that 38% of Brits are reluctant to share their snacks, with many identifying with the "Friends" catchphrase "Joey doesn't share food!" The top reasons for not sharing include hygiene concerns and wanting to enjoy what they paid for. However, the poll also found that people feel happy, included, and valued when food is shared with them, highlighting the social benefits of sharing.

Key Takeaway:

Despite the reluctance to share food, the act of sharing can create positive feelings and strengthen social bonds.


The poll reveals a cultural reference to the popular sitcom "Friends" and its character Joey's aversion to sharing food, resonating with those who prefer to keep their snacks to themselves.


The findings suggest a complex relationship with food sharing, where personal preferences and hygiene concerns clash with the social benefits of sharing. While some people are hesitant to share, the majority recognize the positive impact it can have on relationships.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands can leverage the social aspect of food sharing in their marketing campaigns to promote togetherness and connection.

  • They can offer products designed for sharing, such as smaller portions or variety packs, to encourage shared experiences.

  • Brands can also highlight the hygienic aspect of sharing by providing individual packaging or promoting contactless sharing options.

  • By understanding the motivations and concerns behind food sharing, brands can tailor their messaging and products to cater to diverse consumer preferences.


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