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Insight of the Day: New research reveals Europe’s most-searched beauty brands

Cosmetify, a UK-based beauty ecommerce retailer, has conducted in-depth research into the world’s favorite beauty brands based on online searches. Their annual report, the Cosmetify Index, reveals each country’s favorite beauty brand by the number of Google searches for that particular brand. Let’s explore the most-searched beauty brands in Europe:

  1. France and Italy: KIKO Milano

  2. UK and Ireland: Charlotte Tilbury

  3. Portugal: Rituals

  4. Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Czech Republic: Rituals

Interestingly, Oh K!, a Korean ‘K Beauty’ brand, was the most searched-for brand in various countries, including Spain, Denmark, and Israel in Europe, as well as in many African and Middle Eastern countries. On a global scale, US-based Bath & Body Works emerged as the most favored beauty brand in 12 different countries1. It’s fascinating to see how beauty preferences vary across regions!

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