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Insight of the Day: No-alcohol innovation trends

Here's a breakdown of the key trends in no-alcohol beverage innovation, as highlighted by IWSR insights:

Established Brands Going Alcohol-Free

  • Big names in beer, wine, and spirits extend their brands into the no-alcohol market (Examples: Tanqueray 0.0, Seagram's 0.0).

  • Benefits: Familiarity and established brand trust attract new consumers.

  1. Agave Alternatives on the Rise

  • No-alcohol products mimicking tequila's flavor profile gain attention.

  • RTD cocktails like Margaritas and Palomas are popular in this format.

  • Reflects a broader trend of tequila's increasing popularity, often with celebrity endorsements. Alcohol Adjacents

  • Drinks with ingredients like CBD, adaptogens, and nootropics offer:

  • Health and wellness associations

  • Mood-altering effects

  • Social buzz without alcohol

  • Regulation remains a key factor for wider growth. No-Alcohol Craft Beer Expands

  • Established craft breweries join the market, offering diverse, premium options.

  • Caters to the growing interest in high-quality, no-alcohol beverages. Sparkling Wine Gets the Zero-Alcohol Treatment

  • No-alcohol sparkling targets the popularity of Prosecco and similar styles.

  • Appeals to consumers seeking celebratory drinks without the alcohol.

  • Offers options for markets where alcohol sales are restricted.


  • The no-alcohol market continues to evolve with exciting innovations to meet various consumer preferences and needs.

  • Expect continuous growth in the segment, driven by younger generations seeking alternatives.


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