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Insight of the Day: ‘Orbiting’ is the latest dating nightmare fueling Gen Z’s disillusionment with finding love on the apps


  • Orbiting is a prevalent dating trend among Gen Z: It involves remaining connected on social media but not directly engaging.

  • Social media norms shape dating perceptions:  Gen Z interprets delays in texting or lack of interaction as a lack of interest.

  • Digital body language is important: Gen Z analyzes emojis, response time, etc., to gauge interest.

  • Dating apps are adapting: Hinge is trying to understand Gen Z's digital communication patterns.

Key Takeaway:

  • Orbiting fuels anxiety and disillusionment in Gen Z dating, impacting their perception of love and relationships on apps.


  • Social media has become deeply intertwined with dating, leading to a heightened focus on digital signals and creating new challenges in understanding and navigating romantic interest.


  • While orbiting is common, it causes anxiety and can lead to overthinking and misinterpreting signals.

  • Gen Z is increasingly shunning dating apps due to the perceived inauthenticity and pressure caused by digital communication norms.

Implications for Brands:

  • Dating apps:

  • Need to adapt to Gen Z's communication style and understand their reliance on digital body language.

  • Should provide guidance on interpreting digital cues and setting boundaries.

  • Consider features that promote authentic interactions and reduce anxiety associated with online dating.

  • Social media platforms:

  • Should be aware of the impact of their features on dating behaviors and mental health.

  • Could develop tools to help users manage online interactions and expectations in dating.

  • Relationship coaches and therapists:

  • Can offer support and strategies to Gen Z daters struggling with orbiting and other digital dating challenges.

  • Should educate on healthy communication and boundary-setting in the digital age.


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