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Insight of the Day: Psychologists research ‘wine mom’ culture

What is "wine mom" culture?

  • A social media trend portraying mothers who rely on alcohol to cope with the stresses of parenting.

  • Often uses hashtags like #winemom and groups with names like "Mommy Drinks Wine and Swears."

The Study

  • Psychologists Emily Lorenz and Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz investigated the impact of this trend on mothers' drinking.

  • 330 mothers were shown social media posts associated with wine mom culture, sober mom messaging, and neutral content.

  • Participants reported on their drinking norms, social comparisons, and drinking habits.

Key Findings

  • Increased Perceived Acceptance: Mothers exposed to wine mom content felt greater social acceptance of drinking within their peer group.

  • Social Comparison's Power: Mothers who actively compare themselves to others (regardless of content viewed) believe drinking is more common among other mothers. This highlights the influence of wine mom discourse.

  • Identity Factor:  Drinking identity (how much mothers define themselves as drinkers) didn't strongly influence how this social media content affected their perceptions. Motherhood may overshadow this aspect of their identity.


  • Wine mom culture can normalize and encourage drinking as a coping mechanism for mothers.

  • The study underscores the power of social media to shape perceptions of social norms around drinking.

Important Considerations

  • The study focused on perceptions, not necessarily resulting in increased alcohol consumption.

  • Individual differences and social circumstances likely play a significant role in how wine mom culture affects specific mothers.

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