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Insight of the Day: Shopping cart fantasy: Americans spend 36 days browsing items they can’t afford

Americans Love to "Dreamscroll" Unaffordable Items

A new poll reveals that Americans spend a significant amount of time "dreamscrolling" – browsing online for items they can't currently afford. This habit, surprisingly, is viewed positively by many as it motivates them to achieve their financial goals.

Key Findings:

  • Time Spent: Americans spend an average of 2.5 hours a day dreamscrolling, accumulating to 36 days annually.

  • Benefits: 71% consider this time well spent, as it helps them avoid impulsive purchases, plan for financial goals, and envision their ideal life.

  • Popular Dream Purchases: Clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets, home décor, and dream homes top the list.

  • Financial Aspirations: 42% regularly picture their ideal retirement, while 56% have items saved in shopping carts or wish lists.

  • Economic Challenges: Rising prices, inability to save, and debt are cited as obstacles to affording dream purchases.

  • Positive Impact: Dreamscrolling has led to a better understanding of financial goals for 24% of respondents.

Additional Insights:

  • Dreamscrolling is seen as an investment in oneself and an outlet for envisioning future aspirations.

  • Millennials feel the most behind in achieving their dream purchases.

  • Working with a financial professional is considered a potential solution for reaching financial goals.

Overall, the study sheds light on the complex relationship between consumerism and financial aspirations. While dreamscrolling may seem like a frivolous activity, it appears to have a motivating effect on many Americans, encouraging them to strive for their financial goals.

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