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Insight of the Day: Skincare Treatments Are Becoming More Accessible At Home and In Spas, But Who’s Buying?

At-Home Skincare Devices:

  • There's a surge in popularity of at-home devices using microcurrent or LED light technology.

  • Gen Z is the most likely demographic to own and purchase these devices.

  • Younger millennials show high interest in trying these devices.

Facial Spas:

  • Membership-based facial spas offer affordable alternatives to high-end spas.

  • Men are surprisingly twice as likely as women to have tried these spas.

  • While people with lower incomes show interest, those with higher incomes are more likely to have used them.

At-Home vs. Spa Treatments:

  • More people do at-home facials than spa facials.

  • Men prefer weekly spa facials, while women prefer at-home treatments.

Overall Trend:

  • Skincare treatments are becoming more accessible to a wider audience, including middle-income earners and men.

  • The market for both at-home devices and spa services has significant potential for growth.

Additional Insights:

  • CivicScience conducted this research through a database of over 130 million consented profiled respondents.

  • The article emphasizes the evolving nature of the beauty industry and how it caters to the changing needs of consumers.

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