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Insight of the Day: Snack trends: Protein reigns supreme

Health Focus:

  • Protein Power: Consumers are seeking high-protein snacks, leading to protein-infused versions of chips, bars, and other traditional snack foods. Brands like General Mills, Kodiak Cakes, and Wilde Brands are catering to this demand.

  • Sugar Reduction: There's a desire for reduced-sugar versions of indulgent snacks. Dates are becoming a popular natural sweetener alternative (e.g., Must Love graham crackers, Date Better Snacks).


  • Upcycled Ingredients: Brands are innovating with upcycled foods to reduce waste and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. This trend is booming, especially in vegetable chips and plant-based jerky.

Functional Ingredients:

  • Super Mushrooms: Mushrooms like lion's mane, with their functional benefits, are finding their way into bars, cookies, beverages, and more. Companies like MOSH, Balanced Tiger, and Mindright are incorporating them, though consumer education about specific mushroom types is still needed.

Exciting Flavors:

  • Spice and Savory:  Flavors like jalapeño (e.g., Sister Schubert's cornbread bites, Kraft Heinz's jalapeño ketchup) and dill pickle (e.g., Good Foods dip, Fresh Cravings hummus) are gaining popularity, adding a unique twist to everyday snacks.

The Bottom Line: Snacking is evolving with a focus on healthy ingredients, sustainability, and adventurous flavors. These trends offer exciting opportunities for food brands to innovate and meet shifting consumer preferences.

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