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Insight of the Day: Snacking is king—and inflation-proof—as Gen Zers and millennials resort to small indulgences even with tight wallets, Toblerone and Cadbury maker finds

The article discusses the growing trend of snacking as a form of comfort and indulgence in the face of rising prices and economic uncertainty. It notes that people are increasingly turning to snacks as a way to provide pleasure and escape from the stresses of daily life, particularly when larger experiences like travel may be out of reach.

The snacking industry has seen growth in markets such as the U.S., U.K., and Germany, with many consumers embracing the trend of breaking up big meals into smaller snacks throughout the day. This shift towards snacking has been accelerated by factors like hybrid working arrangements and has proven to be enduring amidst rising costs.

Chocolates, biscuits, and nutribars are highlighted as popular snack choices, with companies like Mondelez reporting growth in net revenue despite price hikes. The article also mentions the "lipstick effect," where people turn to smaller indulgences like chocolate during times of economic volatility when they can't afford larger luxuries.

Millennials and Gen Z are identified as key drivers of the snacking trend, seeking novel and unique snack experiences. Companies like Mondelez are responding by offering a variety of snack options that cater to health-conscious consumers while remaining affordable.

Overall, the article predicts that snacking will continue to dominate the food industry as people turn to snacks not just out of necessity, but as a positive and enjoyable addition to their diets. Companies are adjusting their strategies to meet the evolving preferences of consumers and to navigate the challenges of inflation and rising costs.


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