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Insight of the Day: Summer travel trends in the US, according to Pinterest

Pinterest's latest report reveals that US travelers, particularly Gen Z, are seeking adventure, tranquility, and unexplored destinations for their summer vacations in 2024. Key trends include:

  1. Adventure Travel: A significant increase in searches for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and water park rides, along with a growing interest in luxury safari lodges and destinations like Tanzania and the Amazon rainforest.

  2. Quiet Wellness Escapes: Travelers are looking for serene destinations to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Searches for "quiet life," "calm places," and "village vibes" have soared, with popular destinations including Okinawa and the English countryside.

  3. Unexplored Places: There's a rising fascination with mysterious and awe-inspiring locations. Searches for "places on Earth that don't feel real" and "exploring abandoned places" have seen substantial growth, with Machu Picchu and Edinburgh emerging as trending destinations.

  4. Gen Z Summer Spots: Jasper National Park in Canada is a top choice for Gen Z travelers, offering stunning scenery and adventure opportunities. Additionally, Gen Z is showing interest in diverse cultural experiences, with searches for "London lifestyle," "South African food," and "summer in Brazil" on the rise.

Overall, the Pinterest report highlights a shift towards meaningful and transformative travel experiences that prioritize personal growth, connection with nature, and cultural immersion.

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