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Insight of the Day: Survey Shows 39% of the Americans have Stopped Using Social Media Just to Avoid AI Fakery

The survey conducted by Adobe revealed the following insights about Americans and their views on AI-generated content and deep fakes on social media:

  • 39% of Americans have stopped using social media platforms to avoid encountering AI fakery and deep fakes.

  • Concerns about AI-generated fake information on the internet, particularly related to politics and elections, have led to this avoidance behavior.

  • Social media platforms and government agencies are working to combat the spread of AI deep fakes, especially in political contexts.

  • Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative aims to create a label to distinguish authentic content from AI-generated content on social media.

  • The survey found that 70% of US citizens struggle to differentiate between AI-generated and human content on social media.

  • Nearly half of Americans have witnessed misinformation shared on social media by people they know personally.

  • Respondents believed that videos and images are more susceptible to AI generation compared to text and audio.

  • Four out of five respondents suggested that political candidates should refrain from using AI in their campaigns.

  • Dana Rao, EVP, General Counsel, and Chief Trust Officer at Adobe, emphasized the need for social media platforms to verify content authenticity and for users to be vigilant about identifying and avoiding deep fakes online.

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