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Insight of the Day: Survey Unveils Gender Divide: Wealthy Women Prioritise Financial Security, Willing to Sacrifice Luxury Splurges More Than Men

Affluent Individuals Are Feeling Anxious

  • A survey by Arbuthnot Latham reveals 81% of the UK's wealthiest individuals are stressed about their finances, despite their wealth.

  • Concerns center around maintaining their lifestyle in retirement, future generations, investment values, taxes, and fraud.

  • This worry is fueling a 72% increase in interest in low-risk investments.

Relocation is on the Table

  • 59% of affluent UK residents are considering moving abroad, mainly due to:

  • Desire for an improved standard of living

  • Lower property costs

  • More favorable tax regimes

Women Prioritize Security Over Luxury

  • Women express more concern about maintaining their lifestyle in retirement than men.

  • They are more willing to make spending cuts in the following areas:

  • Luxury items

  • Evenings out

  • Holidays

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