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Insight of the Day: Sustainability Guilt: 57% Feel Remorse at Home; 28% Fully Embrace Eco-Living, Mainly Millennials

The survey conducted by Seventh Generation reveals the varied levels of awareness and commitment to sustainability among Americans. Only 14% prioritize sustainability when shopping, indicating that it is not a major consideration for most. Many are not aware of the ingredients in the products they purchase, especially Gen-Z, who are the least informed group.

Despite the overall lack of awareness, 57% of respondents experience guilt over their home living habits due to sustainability concerns. While 40% are somewhat confident that their lifestyle and purchases are environmentally friendly, 28% are fully committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, with the majority of these being millennials.

The survey also examined consumers' awareness of household necessities and their potential environmental impacts. Trash bags, dish soap, and laundry detergent are seen as essential items by most respondents. However, a significant portion is unaware of the environmental harm that these and other common products can cause.

Seventh Generation CEO Alison Whritenour emphasizes that many everyday household items are petroleum-based and that plant-based alternatives are available. Consumers may hold brands responsible for product safety, while others believe that the onus should not be on consumers to ensure the safety of products.

When it comes to completely eliminating products with fossil fuels from their homes, 45% are uncertain if they can achieve this, while 55% are willing to fully switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. Willingness to pay more for sustainable products varies among respondents, as does their readiness to make lifestyle changes such as limiting TV streaming or drinking only water.

Overall, the survey highlights a need for increased awareness and education on sustainability issues among Americans, as well as greater availability of and access to eco-friendly alternatives.


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