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Insight of the Day: Sweets & Snacks EXPO Highlights Trend To Smaller Treats


  • Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024 showcased a trend towards mini and bite-sized versions of traditional candies and snacks.

  • This trend is driven by the confectionery industry's commitment to reduce calorie counts and align with consumer preferences for portion control.

  • The Expo also featured many "better-for-you" options, including reduced-sugar and plant-based products.

  • Consumers are actively seeking smaller portions and healthier alternatives, as indicated by research from the Portion Balance Coalition and the International Food Information Council.

Key Takeaway:

The confectionery industry is successfully responding to consumer demand for smaller, healthier treats by offering a wider range of mini and bite-sized options, as well as products with reduced sugar and plant-based ingredients.


The trend towards smaller, healthier treats is gaining momentum, driven by consumer preferences for portion control, healthier lifestyles, and greater variety in product offerings.


  • The confectionery industry's "Always A Treat Initiative" is successfully promoting responsible consumption by encouraging smaller portions and healthier options.

  • This trend is not only beneficial for public health but also aligns with consumer demand for more mindful snacking options.

  • The continued innovation in mini and bite-sized formats, as well as better-for-you options, indicates a positive shift towards healthier snacking choices.

Implications for Brands:

  • Food brands should embrace the trend towards smaller portions and healthier options to cater to evolving consumer preferences.

  • Developing innovative product formats and incorporating healthier ingredients can attract new customers and enhance brand reputation.

  • Transparency and clear labeling of nutritional information are crucial to inform consumers and build trust.

  • Collaboration with health organizations and initiatives can further promote responsible consumption and position brands as leaders in promoting healthier lifestyles.

  • The success of the confectionery industry's "Always A Treat Initiative" serves as a model for other food sectors to follow in promoting healthier portion sizes and reducing overconsumption.


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