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Insight of the Day: Talking better-for-you candy with Cargill


  • Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier candy options, driving demand for better-for-you (B4U) candy.

  • Health-focused candy products are growing faster than conventional confectionery.

  • Consumers associate health halos with dark chocolate and plant-based formulations.

  • Parents are particularly interested in naturally sweetened and low/no-sugar candy options.

  • Plant-based candy, such as vegan chocolate and pectin-based gummies, is an emerging trend.

Key Takeaway:

The confectionery industry is adapting to the growing demand for healthier options by offering reduced-sugar, no-sugar-added, functional, and plant-based formulations.


The trend is towards healthier indulgence, with consumers seeking candy that is both tasty and better for them. This includes a growing interest in plant-based candy and a preference for natural sweeteners over artificial ones.

Who is it about?

This article is primarily about candy manufacturers and the ingredients they use to create healthier candy options. It also discusses consumer preferences and the health halos associated with certain ingredients like dark chocolate and plant-based formulations.

Description of consumers/product:

  • Consumers: Health-conscious consumers who are looking for healthier candy options that still provide an indulgent experience. This includes parents who are concerned about the sugar content of their children's candy.

  • Product: Better-for-you candy formulations, including reduced-sugar, no-sugar-added, functional, and plant-based options. Cargill offers a range of ingredients to support these formulations, including low- and no-calorie polyols, stevia-based sweeteners, pectin for plant-based gummies, and dark chocolate.


  • There is a growing market for better-for-you candy, and manufacturers who can provide both taste and health benefits are likely to succeed.

  • Ingredient solutions like Cargill's can help manufacturers meet the demand for healthier candy options.

  • The trend towards healthier indulgence is likely to continue, with ongoing innovation in the better-for-you candy space.

Implications for brands:

  • Candy brands need to innovate and offer healthier options to meet changing consumer preferences.

  • Brands should focus on using natural sweeteners and avoiding artificial ingredients.

  • Plant-based formulations are a growing opportunity for brands to tap into the health-conscious market.

Implications for society:

  • The availability of healthier candy options could contribute to improved public health by reducing sugar intake.

  • The trend towards healthier indulgence could encourage consumers to make more mindful choices about their food and beverage consumption.

  • The growing interest in plant-based candy could contribute to the sustainability of the food industry by reducing reliance on animal products.


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