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Insight of the Day: The Emerging Experience of Restaurant Innovation

The Pandemic's Impact on Restaurant Design

  • COVID-19 accelerated pre-existing trends in restaurant innovation, leading to smaller dining rooms, drive-thru focused designs, and tech-driven layouts.

  • Brands like Burger King are investing heavily in redesigns, emphasizing speed, convenience, and catering to shifts in order preferences.

The Emerging Experiences Report

  • This report (a collaboration between QSR and Intouch Insight) investigates how customers interact with new restaurant designs and how innovation impacts the experience.

  • Key Areas of Focus:

  • In-store kiosk vs. live counter ordering

  • Mobile drive-thru pickup vs. live drive-thru ordering

  • New prototype drive-thrus vs. legacy drive-thrus

  • Mobile order pickup (window/locker) vs. in-store pickup

Key Findings

  • Overall, innovative experiences outperformed legacy stores in 7 out of 10 brands.

  • Increased customer satisfaction was seen in 3 out of 4 innovation experiences.

  • Technology-driven innovations improved speed, particularly for digital orders.

  • Order accuracy was better in 3 out of 4 innovation experiences.

Bottom Line

The quick-service restaurant industry is rapidly evolving to meet changing consumer demands. Investment in innovative designs that prioritize technology, convenience, and speed are likely to be key for brands looking to stay competitive and improve the customer experience.


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