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Insight of the Day: The Top Four Trends Fashion Lovers Are Saving on Their Coachella Pinterest Boards

Fashion Lovers are embracing a mix of nostalgic and current trends to create unique and personalized looks for the festival.

1. 2014 Core: This trend is all about bringing back the fashion trends of 2014, such as crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and boho-inspired accessories. Think flower crowns, fringe details, and plenty of denim. Users are saving pins that capture the carefree and fun spirit of that year.

2. Fairycore: Fairycore is all about ethereal and whimsical fashion inspired by nature and fantasy. Think flowing dresses, floral prints, and lots of lace and tulle. Users are saving pins that showcase soft pastel colors, romantic silhouettes, and dreamy accessories like flower crowns and delicate jewelry.

3. Lana Del Rey Core: This trend is inspired by singer Lana Del Rey's signature vintage-inspired style. Think retro silhouettes, bold prints, and glamorous accessories like oversized sunglasses and statement jewelry. Users are saving pins that capture the timeless and nostalgic aesthetic of Lana Del Rey's music and fashion.

4. Dark Feminine Core: Dark Feminine Core is all about combining feminine and edgy elements to create a bold and powerful look. Think black lace, leather accents, and dramatic silhouettes. Users are saving pins that showcase a mix of gothic and romantic details, such as corsets, chokers, and velvet textures.

Overall, Coachella attendees are embracing a mix of retro, ethereal, vintage, and edgy styles to create head-turning festival looks. Whether you're channeling the carefree vibes of 2014, the dreamy aesthetic of fairycore, the retro glamour of Lana Del Rey, or the bold attitude of dark feminine core, there's a trend for every fashion lover to save on their Pinterest boards for Coachella 2024.

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