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Insight of the Day: These Are The Top Food Trends For 2024

These are the top food trends for 2024 as highlighted in the article by Ciara McQuillan:

1. Off-peak dining: Set and early bird menus are making a comeback as diners look for value options in the restaurant industry.

2. Almonds: Almonds in various forms are a popular ingredient that continues to be ubiquitous in food trends.

3. Pork: Pork is gaining popularity due to its affordability and excellent taste.

4. Small and large plates: Size-based menu categories continue to be popular, offering diners flexibility in sharing dishes or ordering for themselves.

5. Desserts: Restaurants are offering simpler dessert options such as affogato and crème brûlée to keep costs down.

6. Savory cocktails: Savory flavors are making an appearance on cocktail menus, catering to those who prefer savory drinks.

7. Filipino food: There is a growing interest in Filipino cuisine, with flavors like beef and vegetable stew, sour soup, and banana ketchup becoming popular.

8. No-alcohol and low-alcohol options: Non-alcoholic cocktails, wines, and beers are becoming more mainstream, catering to those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

9. Vegetable-focused dishes: Plant-based dishes are going back to basics, featuring more actual vegetables and less processed substitutes.

Overall, the food trends for 2024 focus on sustainability, value, and diverse flavors from around the world.

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