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Insight of the Day: These Issues Are Getting Worse, according to European Gen Z

As elections take place across Europe, young Europeans are vocal about the issues they feel are deteriorating in their countries. The YPulse WE 2024 Election report highlights several key concerns among Gen Z voters, influencing their electoral decisions.

Key Issues:

  1. Economy and Inflation:

  • Overwhelmingly, the economy and inflation are the primary concerns. The economic instability and rising costs of living are significantly impacting young Europeans' lives, making this the top issue that will influence their voting behavior.

  1. Employment:

  • Employment opportunities and job security are crucial for Gen Z. Many young Europeans are struggling to find stable employment or are concerned about the quality of jobs available, making this a close second in their list of priorities.

  1. Climate Change:

  • Environmental issues remain a significant concern. Gen Z is highly aware of the impacts of climate change and is demanding more robust action from governments to address environmental degradation and promote sustainability.

  1. Mental Health:

  • The mental health crisis is another critical issue. The pressures of modern life, exacerbated by economic uncertainty and climate anxiety, have led to increased mental health challenges among young people.

  1. Housing:

  • Affordable housing is a pressing issue. With rising rent prices and a shortage of affordable homes, many young Europeans are finding it difficult to secure stable living conditions.

  1. Education:

  • Concerns about the accessibility and quality of education are also prominent. Gen Z is looking for improvements in the education system to better prepare them for the future job market.

Key Takeaway:

Economic instability, job security, climate change, mental health, housing, and education are the primary issues that young Europeans feel are worsening. These concerns are heavily influencing their political engagement and voting behavior in the upcoming elections.


There is a growing trend of political activism among Gen Z, driven by these pressing issues. This demographic is increasingly using their vote to demand change and hold governments accountable for addressing their concerns.

Implications for Politicians:

Politicians and parties need to address these issues directly to gain the support of young voters. Policies focusing on economic stability, job creation, environmental sustainability, mental health support, affordable housing, and education reform are likely to resonate most with this demographic.

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